Senior eDiscovery Consultant (Electronic Disclosure)


The most technically advanced eDiscovery/ Electronic Discovery/ Electronic Disclosure firm in Europe immediately requires a Senior eDiscovery/ Electronic Discovery/ Electronic Disclosure Consultant to be based in London.

We require a professional Senior eDiscovery/ Electronic Discovery/ Electronic Disclosure Consultant that is motivated and passionate about computer forensics and eDiscovery with vast experience in the delivery of complex eDiscovery/ Electronic Discovery/ Electronic Disclosure projects. 

You should currently be specialising in processing through to review and production stages of the EDRM.

Are you:

- very experienced in client-facing roles?
- a technical thought leader?
- involved in developing new methodologies and processes?
- involved in the testing of new tools?
- and writing technical eDiscovery articles?

In this role you will:

- Assist the manager in managing a team of processing and review support team members to facilitate reviews of over 40 million documents.
- Leading projects to research and implement new technologies
- Be heavily involved in review platform customisation including the development of custom Relativity applications reports and visualisations.
- Lead Processing section of EDRM.
- Potentially develop custom Relativity workflows to achieved reduced export time.
- Help to evaluate new products.
- Be involved in numerous projects of varying size and complexity and produce documents for regulators including FCA.

In this role, you will be a key member of the team that is regularly expected to advise and guide clients on strategies to tackle the most complex problems across the entire EDRM. 

Examples include:

- Advising clients on collection from a Sharepoint and other sites
- Extraction of documents from content management systems.
- Representing clients in disclosure specification disputes in meetings involving opposing counsel.

Additionally, you will add value to clients by up-selling on engagements through identification of gaps and requirements such as 'body-only' de-duplication and identification of extraneous content such as track changes and comments leading to the management and delivery of bespoke solutions.

Any experience in eDiscovery/ Electronic Discovery/ Electronic Disclosure business development and starting a review with respect to identifying the requirements and potential risks and issues is desirable.

You will also be involved in Data Analytics, which means you will

- Perform analyses on structured transactional data to identify red flags.
- Use Adept with Tableau for reporting and analysis functionality with Relativity.

You will also perform IT Forensics

Which means you should have more than an awareness of forensic principles, hardware, operating systems and networking, and have experience in imaging etc.

Ideally, you will also be competent in Java, .NET and database development.

This job is for a technical Superman (or Superwoman!) in eDiscovery/ Electronic Discovery/ Electronic Disclosure.

If you are an eDiscovery/ Electronic Discovery/ Electronic Disclosure professional Consultant, Project Manager, Assistant Manager and would like the variety and challenge this job will give you and you would like to work for one of the hottest names in eDiscovery/ Electronic Discovery/ Electronic Disclosure please apply by submitting your CV today because you will receive:

- Good financial rewards/benefits of up to around £72,000.
- A positive workplace culture that will have you looking forward to work!
- Real work/home life flexibility.
- Endless learning.
- Work for an ethical company with a good reputation for diversity and inclusion.
- Plus, benefits

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